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Finance and growth

Our CEO has in the past and present provided several equity lines to RoodMicrotec. For years, he is stakeholder and financier in this Semicondutor company. Thanks to this participation, RoodMicrotec is able to grow and further develop its strategy.

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Investing in the future

Our CEO participated in several private placements in Pharming and he was co-lender of the convertible bond of over 16 million Euro in 2013, helping Pharming to get its BLA reviewed by the FDA. Following approval by the FDA in July 2014, the Dutch biotech company finally has a chance to break through in the United States, after many years of development.

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Euronext: Various Companies
Trading, private placements & IPOs

In addition, our associates participated in several private placements and emissions including SnowWorld and Reesink and our CEO has been substantial holder (> 5%) in several public listed companies. With many years experience of our partners as shareholders and traders, there is great knowledge in the field of fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and the associated pricing and sentiment analysis of the market. Timing is essential.

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Property and online initiatives
Hard assets and private equity

Our partners are also active in the field of investing outside the stock exchange. Investments have been made into apartment buildings, grounds, precious metals and rental homes. They also invested in private equity and have been involved in several initiatives in the field of online trading. Initiatives in which already a good exit has occurred.